Mechanical Faculty

Name of the Faculty       


Research interest/Specialization



Prof. Sriram Venkatesh, Ph.D.


CAD/CAM, Materials Handling,  Machine Design, Rapid Prototyping

Prof. P.Laxminarayana, Ph.D.,

Special Officer Osmania University Alumni Association

Experimental Design and Data Analysis, Flexible Manufacturing System,Production Engineering

Prof. A.Krishnaiah, Ph.D. Head

Addl. Controller of Exam (P-1), Exam Branch, O.U. Director, EDC, O.U.


Metal forming, Production Engineering,Processing of Bulk-nano materials.

Prof. P.Usha Sri, Ph.D.                   

Chairperson,BOS UCE (A), O.U. Director, CFD center, UCE,OU

Thermal Engineering, Turbo machinery, Coumputational Fluid Dynamics

Associate Professors


Mr. K. Mohan Murali, M.Tech. 


Industrial Management, IndustrialEngineering Operations Research,Automobile Engineering

Mr. V.Nageswara Rao , M.E               


Robotics, Machine Design

Dr. M.V.Ramana Murthy,Ph.D.


Non Conventional Energy, Heat Tranfer,Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dr. R.Rajendra, Ph.D.                 


Industrial Management, Production Engineering

 Mr. V.Uma Maheshwar, M.E.

Placement Officer, UCE,OU

Thermal Engineering, Turbo machinery,Renewable Energy Technologoes and QMS.

Dr.M.Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Ph.D.


Machine Design,Kinematics of Machines, Finite Element Analysis

Dr. P.Ramesh Babu, Ph.D.

Add Controller Exam Branch, OU

FEA,MCM,CAMDA,CIM, Machine Drawing, Material Science and Metallurgy

Assistant Professors


Dr.K.Saraswathamma, P.hD.


Production Engineering

Dr. Narsimhulu Sanke. Ph.D.                      

Student Advisor, UCE,OU,Director, CET,CCT

Thermal Engineering, Turbo machinery , Renewable Energy Sources ,
Computer Programming

Dr. L. Siva Rama Krishna, Ph.D. 

Jt. Director of Evaluation (UG), Exam Cell UCE, OU NSS Programme Officer, Unit-I, UCE,OU

CIM, CAD/CAM, Web based Manufacturing Systems and Production Engg.   

Mr.G. Narendar,M.Tech.

Incharge, Automobile Workshop, UCE,OU.

Energy System,CAD/CAM,PPSG,Design of Gas Turbines,Prime movers and Pumps

Dr. B. Hadya, Ph.D.

Mess Warden, Kinnera Hostel

Thermal Engineering, Finite Element Analysis

Mr. E. Madhusudan Raju, M.E.       


Automation & Robotics, Control systems

Mrs. T. Nagaveni, M.E.                  


Production Engineering, Metallurgy and Material Science    

Miss. TSRV Padmalatha, M.E.       


Production Engineering, Manufacturing Systems.

Gazetted Staff


Dr.K.Buschaiah, M.E, Ph.D.

  Production Engineering
Mr.P.Vijaya Kumar M.Tech (Foreman)  


Assistant Professors(Contract)


Mr. G. Venkateshwarulu, M.E, (Ph.D)           

  Production Engineering

Mr.K.L. Uday Kiran, M.E, (Ph.D)  

  Production Engineering

Mr. K. Venkateshwarulu, M.E.         

  Production Engineering

Mr.U.Ashok Kumar, M.E.

  Production Engineering

Mr.M.Prakash, M.E.       

  Production Engineering