Electrical Engineering Faculty

Name of the Faculy Designation and Administrative Assignments Areas of Interest

Dr. M. Manjula Ph.D. HEAD.

Associate Professor and Head Special Officer, CG &CC

Power System, Power Quality, Neural Networks, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

Dr. M. Rama Moorthy M.Tech., Ph.D.           

Hon. Professor
Former Director, ERDA

Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines

Dr. P.V.N. Prasad  M.E., Ph.D.

Professor Director, IDC, UCE, OU
In charge, Diamond Jubilee Library, UCE, OU

Electric Drives, Power Electronics, Reliability Engineering

Dr. G. Yesuratnam M.Tech., Ph.D.


Voltage Stability, Power Systems Security, Reactive Power Optimization, AI Applications to Power Systems             

Mr. B. Mangu  M.E., (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Power Electronics, Electric Drives

Mr. M.V. Ramana Rao  M.Tech., (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor
Chairman, Board of studies , OU

Power Electronics, Electric Drives & Special Machines

Dr. G. Mallesham M.Tech., (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor Chairman, Board of studies ,(A) EED, UCE OU

Control Systems & Instrumentation, Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic

Dr. P. Srinivas M.Tech., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Power Electronics, Industrial Drives &  Special Electric Machines

Mr. CH. Siva Kumar  M.E.

Assistant Professor

Renewable Energy Sources, Power Systems Optimization, Deregulated Power Systems, HVDC Transmission  

Mrs. G.V.Naga Lakshmi M.Tech., (Ph.D.)           

Assistant Professor
Faculty Advisor, M.E (PS)    
Mess Warden, Girls Hostel for Engineering & Technology

Electrical Power Engineering, Deregulation of Power Systems, Distributed Generation

Mrs. E. Sreeshobha M.Tech., (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor
Faculty Advisor, M.E (PES)
Dept. Time Table In charge

Power Electronics, Industrial Drives and Applications         

Mr. R. Linga Swamy M.Tech., (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor
Faculty Advisor, M.E (IDC)

Power Electronics & Drives, Multi level Inverters

Mrs. N. Susheela M.E. (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor

Power Electronics & Drives, Special Machines

Dr. E. Vidya Sagar Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Nodal Officer, TEQIP-II
NSS Program Officer, Unit II

Distribution Reliability, Power 
Quality, Deregulated Power Systems, Smart Grid Distribution System

Dr. P. Satish Kumar M.Tech., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Warden, ECH-I, UCE, OU

Power Electronics ,Electric Drives, Multilevel Inverters, Matrix Converters and Special Machines

Mr. P. Lokender Reddy M.Tech., (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor
Dept. Exams In charge

Instrumentation & Control Systems, Evolutionary Computation Techniques

Mrs. N. Srilatha M.E., (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor
Lady Student Advisor, UCE
Dept. Coordinator, TEQIP-II

Power Systems Security, Voltage Stability, Artificial Intelligent Techniques, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

Mrs. B. Sirisha M. Tech., (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor

Power Electronics, Electric Drives &  Special Machines            

Dr.J.Upender M.Tech., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Power Electronics

Mrs.U.Suryavalli M.Tech

Assistant Professor

Machine Drive & Power Electronics

Assistent Professor (Contract)



Ms.G.Jhansi Rani M. Tech.

Assistant Professor


Mr.S.Vijdender Reddy B.Tech.

Assistant Professor


Mr.G.Kiran Kumar B.E

Assistant Professor


Mr.G.Srikanth B.Tech

Assistant Professor