Name of the Faculy Specialization

Associate Professors


Dr.P. Chandrasekhar. Ph.D

Digital Systems & Computer Electronics, Digital & Analog VLSI

Assistant Professors


Dr.B. Rajendra Naik. M.E,Ph.D. HEAD

Digital Systems Engineering & VLSI

Dr.R. Hemalatha.

Embedded Systems

Dr.L.Nirmala Devi. M.E, Ph.D

Chairperson BOS in ECE (Autonomous)

Systems and Signal Processing

Mrs.P. Padma.

Digital Systems & Computer Electronics

Dr. D. Rama Krishna. B.Tech, M.E, Ph.D

RF and Microwave Communication Systems

Dr.P.Naveen Kumar. M.Tech, Ph.D

Asst. Controller of Examination,OU. Additional Director, CCC 

Digital Systems & Computer Electronics


Digital Systems Engineering

Mr. M. Shyam Sunder

Microwave & Millimeter Engineering

Mr. Md. Misbahuddin M.E., (Ph.D)

Digital Systems

Mrs. A. Bharathi

Microwave & Radar Engineering

Mrs.R. Sandhya Reddy

Digital Systems  & Computer Electronics

Mrs. P. Srividya

Systems and Signal Processing

Assistant Professors (Contract)


Mr. B. Ramesh

Micro Electronics & VLSI Design

Mr. K. Prem Kumar Kondi


Mr.R. Narender Reddy

Microwave  and Radar  engineering

Mr. G. Kishore kumar

Systems and Signal Processing