Name of the Faculy

Head of Department


Mr. M. Venkat Dass. M.Tech.

System Software, Discrete Mathematics



Prof. A. Venu Gopal Reddy. P.hD. Convener, PGECET-2014

Functional Languages, Algorithms, Mobile Computing

Prof. S. Ramachandram. P.hD. Vice Principal / Inchg. Director of Univ. Computer Center / Co-ordinator TEQIP, Dean, Faculty of Informatics, OU

Distributed Computing, Mobile Computing

Prof. P. Premchand ,Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Engineering, OU

Image Processing

Prof. S. Sameen Fatima. M.S, Ph.D.

Information Retrieval Systems, Machine Learning, Text Mining

Prof.P.V.Kumar. Ph.D. (on Line)

Discrete Mathematics, Data structures, Databases

Dr. P.Ram Kumar. Ph.D. Departmental Convener of M.Tech.(CSE) Part - Time Courses.

Distributed Mobile Object Oriented System Security, Network Security

Dr.K. Veerabadra Rao, Ph.D (Visiting Faculty)


Associate Professors


Mr. S.Ram Babu. M.Tech.Chairperson, BOS in CSE (Autonomous)

Computer Graphics

Mr. S.Srinivas Rao. M.Tech.Chairperson BOS (IT), O.U / Lab Incharge / Incharge, Dept. Seminar Library


Computer Graphics, Text Mining

Mr. L. K. Suresh Kumar. M.E. Director, Central Computing Centre,UCE, O.U.

Computer Networks, Network Security

Dr. K. Shyamala. M.Tech. Ph.D. Warden, Ladies Hostel for Engineering College Students

Parallel Processing Applications, Embedded Systems, VLSI Design

Assistant Professors


Mrs. P. V. Sudha. M.Tech.

Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Software Project Management

Dr. V.B.Narasimha. M.Tech, Ph.D.

Computer Networks, Operation Research, Software Engineering

Mrs. B.Sujatha. M.Tech.

Operating Systems, Data Structures, DBMS, Web Programming

Mr. M.A.Hameed. M.Tech.

Data Mining, Soft Computation, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science

Mrs. E.Pragnavi. M.Tech.

Operating Systems, Embedded Systems, Data Communication and Computer Networks, Network Security

Assistant Professors (Contract)


Mr.K.Srinivasa Reddy. M.Tech.


Ms.K.Pramitha Kumari. M.Tech.


Mr.I.Govardhana Rao. M.Tech.


Mr. M.Thirupathi. B.E


Ms.A.Gayathri. M.E.


Mr.K.Satyanarayana. MCA, M.Tech, (Ph.D).

Distributed System,Operating System,Computer Organization,Software Engineering,Middleware Technologies,Software Reuse Techniques,Software Testing.

Mrs.S.Radha Rani. MCA, M.Tech, Ph.D.

DAA,Computer Networks,MWT,UNIX Programming,CPPS,JAVA,DBMS,Software Engineering.

Mr.M.Narender Reddy. MCA, M.Tech, (Ph.D).

CPPS,Data Structures,Mobile Computing,Software Engineering,DBMS.

Mrs.K.Jaya. MCA. (M.Tech).


Mrs.C.Vani. MBA,M.A,(M.Phil),PGDCA,BEd.

Finance Management,Managerial Economics,Operation Research,E-Commerce.